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This issue cover is by Peter Smith.  Regular Cover

Purchase both covers together and save $5


This cover will come unsigned unless you request Peter's Signature. 

Presale:  Shipping in Late July


SUGAR! SPICE! AND EVERYTHING NICE! These are the ingredients you need to make the perfect little girl! But one day in the lab, Professor Utonium accidentally added a little something extra to the recipe: CHEMICAL X!
And lo, the POWERPUFF GIRLS were born!

Since that fateful day, BLOSSOM, BUBBLES, and BUTTERCUP have dedicated their lives to fighting evil in every form - tirelessly defending their idyllic city from petty criminals, destructive monsters, and diabolical super-villains alike.

Now, this titanic trio returns for more feats of ultra-powered do-goodery, courtesy of the A-list team of writer KELLY THOMPSON (Birds of Prey, Scarlett, Black Widow) and artist PAULINA GANUCHEAU (Wonder Woman, She-Ra), whose bold and adorable (boldorable?) new take on the Heroes of Townsville arrives this July - enhanced by covers from GANUCHEAU, LEONARDO ROMERO, KAREN S. DARBOE, and NICOLETTA BALDARI!


Limited Covers

PowerPuff Girls Exclusive Cover by Peter Smith _ Trade Dress

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