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This issue cover is by Peter Smith.  Regular Cover

Purchase both covers together and save $5


This cover will come unsigned unless you request Peter Signature. 

Presale:  Shipping in January


The beloved Disney villain – in her own FABULOUS series, darling!
Even though there's absolutely no hard evidence that noted couturière Cruella De Vil was ever involved in the theft of any Dalmatian puppies, her name has been ruined in all of the tabloids, and now her reputation in the fashion world is hanging by a thread. Which is why she's willing to do anything – ANYTHING! – to restore her good name – even stealing the royal family's priceless jewels!
How will that restore her reputation, you ask? You'll just have to pick up this brand new entry in Dynamite's Disney Villains adventures to find out! With a story (and a cover) by the astonishingly talented SWEENEY BOO, and interior art by the continentally sophisticated MIRIANA PUGLIA, Disney Villains: Cruella De Vil #1 also features Peter Smith Covers.  2 versions limited to 500 of each.

Regular Cruella De Vil Cover by Peter Smith _ Trade Dress

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